Facebook Ads Training.

Free Seminar:
Oct 21st: 7pm-8.30pm + Q&A

HMDG runs Facebook + Instagram campaigns for hundreds of clinics as well as many of the biggest brands you love and trust.

After a ton of demand especially following on from Therapy Live Business, we’ve decided to put on a seminar on how to properly run social ads. You’re probably as sick as we are of seeing badly created ads and terrible targeting, so although anyone reading this should be a customer of ours, (come have a chat, we like talking and we’re cheap), we can at least make sure those running DIY ads are doing them well.

And if you’re currently outsourcing them, then this event will give you all the information you need to know if they’re being run effectively.

As well as showing you a real working account, we’ll set up a new campaign live from scratch and show you tips, tricks, different types of campaigns and best practice as well as having a Q&A at the end to answer any questions you might have. We’ll also run through the more obvious mistakes we see everyone make.

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NB. No, we WON’T be showing you how to run Click Funnels. That’s for other agencies, not us. No quick wins or “how to get 3,000 patients in just 5 easy steps”. This is for serious people only. Read this to know what our views are around funnels.


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