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Flex Physio Burgess Hill

Flex Physio Burgess Hill is a new clinic by two established physiotherapists who moved to a new location and were struggling to get traction and find patients in the new area.  HMDG to the rescue…


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What Did We Do?

Kieran and Matt owners of Flex Physio had been customers in the past with their previous clinic. Covid had been unkind to them so they found a new location in Burgess Hill. It quickly became apparent that moving to a new area during uncertain times meant finding patients wasn’t quite so easy. After speaking with Kieran we realised we needed to really push the marketing whilst also looking at the booking system which was causing issues. 

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How Did We Do It?

Much like anyone, physiotherapists don’t like to spend money on marketing, even more so in uncertain times. As an agency we don’t usually recommend spending a lot, it’s amazing what you can do with small budgets, clever approaches and a little bit of tweaking.

Two main issues were the website (old and a DIY job) and the booking system.  

However Flex needed results and quickly. This meant that we couldn’t wait to get the website up which we usually like to do as campaigns ALWAYS respond better with a well designed site.  The booking system we could change. Clinical booking systems are generally a nightmare, this one, one of the big players in the market, was no exception. We quickly moved them to Acuity which cost a whole £20 a month and saved around £200 a month. We also knew it would be more effective in converting from marketing campaigns. 

The next big task was to convince the guys that they needed to invest, £500 was the target. We’d worked together for a while, they trusted us and put the money up. Happy days!

The next step was to create new campaigns and structure which included new things targeting, keywords, ad copy, negative keyword lists and then implement new tracking for the new system. 

The key was not to waste £500 (even if times were uncertain) on marketing for what was essentially a start up clinic in a new area but we also couldn’t wait three months for it to work. 

What Were The Results?

Five weeks later we had a WhatsApp from Kieran responding to a message saying he’d come back to us later as he needed to find new premises as he couldn’t deal with patients in his current clinic. It’s probably the best testimonial we could get and the guys deserve it, it’s a great clinic and they’re both  brilliant at what they do. 

We’d worked hard on making sure the campaigns were fully optimised, made changes, kept going and we could lower budgets and at one point switch them off completely. 

The HMDG team have been great. They delivered, got us the outcome we wanted and are always happy to help with anything we need from them. We couldn’t be happier.

Kieran Bernard – Flex Physiotherapy

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