You can try every digital marketing tactic in the book but if your website isn’t built properly then you’ll end up with the same result…

The key to digital marketing campaigns is to help people discover your website, get them to engage with it and finally convert. Your website should be a full-blown business channel in itself which is why diagnosing its health to ensure that it’s not “leaking” business is crucial.

Today, we’re rounding up some of our favourite hacks to help you do just this.


Your website’s copy deeply influences your visitors. To convert, it needs to inspire certain emotions in the minds of the users. For example, if you offer Physiotherapy, your copy should position you as an assuring, helpful, and trustworthy brand.

To find out if you’re sounding consistent with the above take your website copy and paste it into a tone analyzer and see what comes up.

Also, input your website’s copy into a word cloud tool and see the words that stand out. That’s what your copy is saying most “loudly”… and that’s how you’ll probably get perceived.

As an aside, one thing we always see is therapists getting far too clinical about their services. It’s one thing being an expert in Shockwave and plantar fasciitis, it’s another to expect Joe Public to understand what on earth you’re talking about.

The golden rule is keep it simple, focus on benefits and results.


Your website’s design will determine if the visitor books an appointment and this will happen quickly and we mean VERY quickly. Design is the most important thing to get right. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

When done properly, your website’s design can inspire trust in your users and influence them to work with you. It MUST also help them find what they need within seconds.

It should guide them to the right place, customer journeys are incredibly important, the last thing you want is a potential patient to get lost on your site reading about Spondyloarthritis when all they wanted to do was book an appointment because they have a sore back!

Here are a few ways to go about this.

First, learn if your website’s design is inspiring the right feelings by showing your website to a few people (five or so) and asking them to describe it. (ideally not therapy professionals!)

This is a way of user testing — but for design. Their responses — or the descriptors they use for your website — will be very telling. (Note that you need to be careful interpreting the meaning of the responses as factors like personal biases also kick in.)

Next, think about a few of the key tasks you expect your visitors to do (like booking a free consultation with you, finding directions to your practice, finding your pricing information, booking a specific treatment etc.) on your website and get a few friends to test how long it takes them. You’ll soon know if your website’s design and architecture are user-friendly and support conversions.

Finally, consider using privacy-compliant solutions for recording your visitor’s sessions on your website. (This is done anonymously and doesn’t involve any personal information collecting or processing.) Analyzing on-site behaviour shows where users click, how they interact with the website, and how its design is influencing their experience and decoding this behaviour alone can get more conversions for you. Hotjar is an obvious and widely used tool.


The only SEO goal for your local business website should be to appear in the searches that happen within a radius of a mile or two from your location.

And the best way to evaluate your website for local search visibility is to make a few local and “near me” type queries.

For example, if you’re a Chiropracter, search for a bunch of keywords like “a Chiropracter near me” or “Chiropracter + your location,” and see if you show up in the results. Also, search your clinic in Google. (Hint: If you don’t appear even for your branded search terms, it’s definitely time to “SEO.”)

Oh and if your Google my Business doesn’t show up on that then you’re missing out on the best free SEO tool out there.

If you understand Google Search Console head straight to that and it will have many insights for you on your SEO performance and visibility.

Speed and performance

For most users, a fast website experience means one that loads under two seconds. But it’s not just users who care about speed. Search engines do too.

To find out if you’re frustrating your users or Google with your website’s loading experience, take Google’s page speed test or Pingdom’s performance tests.

If the answers don’t make sense, get in touch. They can get a bit geeky sometimes!


Having a website that looks good on small screens is nice (after all over 50% of a website’s visits come from mobile devices). But just fitting well into mobile view isn’t enough for a website. It has to be usable too.

So, in addition to taking Google’s mobile-friendly test, also add a mobile usability check. For instance, try booking an appointment with yourself over mobile. (If you ask us, this is the “real” mobile-friendly test!)


Calculating your website’s conversion rate is probably the most important “marketing” math you’ll ever do. The idea here is to find out how many of your website’s visitors actually end up as paying patients.

One way is to create conversion tracking goals in Google Analytics but if you’re not that geeky then simply divide the number of conversions (bookings, queries, etc) by the number of website visitors, and you’ll have your conversion rate. (Digital marketing is all about improving this rate.)

Google Analytics can also unlock lots of actionable insights here. If you have some spare time then check it out, just don’t get too lost in the data.

If your overriding thought is always “I need more people to visit my site” then your conversions probably aren’t where they should be.

And finally…

Test-Retest. Your site should be a living breathing thing, making changes to determine if you can improve results is really important. Building a site isn’t just about designing something and putting it up, it’s making sure it’s optimised over time to generate the best results possible.

As always get in touch with us if you need help or want to speak further about what we do and how we might improve your website.

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