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How to market a chiropractic Clinic

Dyer St Clinic, run by Rob Beaven, Doctor of Chiropractic, is a multidisciplinary clinic offering Chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathy and podiatry based in the heart of Cirencester. 

Rob has recently been speaking to Jack Chew on the Physio Matters Podcast about marketing mistakes he’s made, wasted money spent on marketing and the perils of using generic marketing agencies that focus on the wrong things and don’t understand MSK.




Google adwords

What Did We Do?

The first steps were a long discussion around what marketing had been undertaken , the plans for the clinic, the problems he’s had and what the aims were going forward.

It was quickly apparent that money spent on SEO and Google ads hadn’t got the results he was looking for. Dyer St is also an incredibly successful and busy clinic without a huge amount of capacity at this point in time.

In light of this, the key element was to make sure that any money spent was in keeping with a low capacity as there was little point in spending hundreds of pounds if the clinic couldn’t service those patients.

Google adwords

How Did We Do It?

We decided two routes forward. The first was to run a low level Google ads campaign to fill up the remaining appointment slots. We also ran the campaigns against practitioners that had the most amount of capacity, for example, we focused more on Physiotherapy appointments than Chiropractic.

This lead to us actually switching ads off in the first 4 weeks because the clinic became too busy. As a result we put into place a system whereby we kept an eye on the number of appointment spaces available and ran the ads and budgeted in line with that.

The second focus was a small SEO project. Dyer St didn’t need to spend hundreds (not many clinics should be spending on SEO at all in our view) and at the same time Rob had done terrifically well with factors that effect SEO for example Google My Business. If anyone wants to know how to run a Google My Business it’s definitely a case study in best practice!

Where we were able help was with citations and local linking. We proceeded to connect up socials such as Facebook along with Google my Business and find and maintain around 50 different (and appropriate) local listings.

We also ran an audit for critical site issues, broken links and so on which was then acted upon.

What Were The Results?

Without giving away confidential information, Dyer St has saved many thousands of pounds and at the same time increased their results. They’ve turned into one of our more quiet customers, we run the campaigns, make sure that they continue to be optimised and that spend is associated with the capacity available. Our focus remains on Google Ads and SEO and theirs on treating patients.

Dyer St is a terrific clinic and a great example of how a clinic can be successful even in a more rural area. You can find out more about them here.

The return on investment has been 10x better than anyone else I’ve used before. Would highly recommend to any chiropractor looking for marketing help and support


Rob Beaven, Dyer St Clinic

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