Pay Per Click Google Ads

What is PPC?

PPC is a way of making sure you appear at the top of a google search by showing adverts to people that are actively searching for the services you offer

PPC stands for pay-per click. This means that every time someone clicks on your advert you pay a small amount to Google. We refer to this as ad spend.

Why should I do it?

PPC is an easy and cost effective way of increasing customer numbers at a low cost. Your most able competitors are already using this method to expand their customer base and you should be too!

What can be achieved?

There are various factors that can impact the results of a PPC campaign such as geography and competitive landscape. However, for every £100 spent on clicks, we have generated anywhere between 3-10 new clients per month. 

We are yet to have a customer who has not at least broken even on ad spend in the first 2 months of their PPC campaign. We have a 98% retention rate of customers and are committed to making sure we get you the best results possible.

Some examples of PPC campaigns and results:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Why Use Us?

We run hundreds of campaigns for customers just like you.

Given our experience, market penetration and inside industry knowledge derived from or experts…

  • We have thousands of key words that we know work for similar campaigns
  • We have thousands of ads that have been optimised over the years so we know what achieves the best results.
  • We understand the industry as well as you do.
  • We know your customers.
  • We offer transparency and access to all data.
  • We are not just your normal outsourced agency. We work as part of your team and are focused on getting results for US.

How Long Does It Take?

We take great care in making sure we can measure and track every campaign.

Technically we have to do the following for a campaign to be successful:

  • Create ad account structure
  • Create relevant key word list
  • Create / Update google analytics account
  • Create / Update search console
  • Create conversion tracking on your website
  • Install call tracking
  • Set up customer reporting

It usually takes between 2-4 weeks to set all of this up at which point your ads can begin running and you’ll start seeing results!

Our Aims:

  • Increase your customer numbers.
  • Keep cost as low as possible (we find that in general we can find a new customer for between £5-£10).
  • Improve your competitive edge-why let your competitors snap up those people looking for your services.
  • To make sure you fully understand the data and at no time are unaware of what you’re spending. We strive to make sure you aren’t kept in the dark and know where every last penny spent is going and what results they are getting.

The Cost:

We know that Businesses need a reliable, low-cost way to get more clients and grow their businesses online.

For that reason we offer our services for a manageable monthly cost starting from £100.

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