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Therapy Live

Therapy Live was the largest event ever held for MSK professionals. Full the the brim with the world’s leading names in their respective fields, Therapy Live was attended by more than 22,000 MSK professionals in June 2020. The brainchild of Jack Chew (Physio Matters and Michael Schumacher, Founder HMDG) Therapy Live has now become a household name in the MSK world with sell out shows every quarter, in less than 7 months more than 29,000 people have now attended the sequence of shows and the content produced by the shows now supports a huge CPD product.


Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Technical Consulting

Google adwords

What Did We Do?

The project was never supposed to be as big as it turned out to be! Initially only 1,000 sign ups were expected. Let’s start with the mistakes. Due to the timeframe (12 weeks from idea to the event) we used a third party for the event infrastructure itself. Although those that attended the show ended up with a great day of learning, the start of the day was a disaster. That would be fixed by bringing the entire process in-house.

The two main areas we focused on were the website/event technical structure and the marketing. We ended up building the entire infrastructure, website, lobby and event areas. You can see the main website here.

Never under estimate how important a website is, this is our daily message to the clinics we work with!

At the same time we focused heavily on the marketing and the creative behind it. We designed the branding from the ground up along with logo, imagery and video. This was then used within all the marketing campaigns,


Google adwords

How Did We Do It?

This was never going to work using anything other than social and as such, social audiences were going to be crucial. We got the Facebook and Instagram pages set up and starting getting relevant interactions with people we thought would be the right target audience. Increasing the numbers was incredibly important. We then began using these audiences as well as their lookalikes to start testing the waters with the creative. After a surviving on just coffee and Deliveroo we’d got 5,000 people signed up within about a week! This informed the rest of the campaigns and let us settle on the best video content going forwards. See the best performing video we created here here.

We used the video content to start retargeting viewers, used the growing social audiences to build Facebook custom audiences and created lookalikes from these and the pixel we’d set up on various platforms. We continued playing with A/B testing on creatives and messaging. Clinics we work with often forget or dismiss the importance of a good brand, images and videos but this is a prime example of why it’s so important, especially when it comes to social media.

This brought the CPA (cost to get a registration) down from around £12 to £1.50. After a lot of work the average CPA is now somewhere between 30p and £1.20 depending on the type if event that we’re marketing. 



Therapy Live Sport

What Were The Results?

The results speak for themselves! Therapy Live is now a thriving event with 4 shows a year and a total of 45,000 attendees across all the events. It’s now the largest healthcare event series, online or in person every seen in the UK. It also has a content arm and from being a fun idea thought up over a few drinks before lockdown it’s now a well established business with a b. right future.

And there’s more to come. Over the rest of 2021 more announcements will be made around product development, new features and even more ways of accessing the content. 

Marketing never stops, nor does web design. We’ll continuously be updating and changing the website and platform to improve the product even further and if you’re in MSK no doubt you’ll see the ads throughout the year.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on Therapy Live over the next few years.

From the time we started working with HMDG they’ve worked tirelessly to deliver results, quality and product that far surpasses anything we could have hoped for. They should be the first port of call for anyone in the MSK space that requires marketing or web development.

Jack Chew – Chews Media

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