Unfortunately we’re currently closed to taking on new clients, we want to give everyone the love they deserve so that means taking a breather for a little while!

But fear not! Leave your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss your project and give you a timeframe for when we can get started with your digital plans. 

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2020 has been one hell of a year!

We’ve been overwhelmed by how the community has banded together and proud to have been part of it. Whether it’s the Rehab Recruits project, being part of the Therapy Live extravaganza or helping our clients through Covid, we’ve spent the year being focused on the positives. It’s been brilliant seeing our clients, friends and the community in general pivot, try new things, streamline their businesses and not sit around down in the dumps.

We’ve never seen so many clinics coming to us with such brilliant new ideas, wanting to optimise their digital strategies, build new websites, introduce technology and innovation into their businesses, release new products and it’s been great to have been involved and help in any way we could.


That has however meant we have to slow down a little. Working on 50 new projects a month (as well as Therapy Live) is…well let’s just say, no one’s diet should be 90% caffeine!


So for now we’re not taking on any new clients. It won’t be for long and we’re running a waiting list so if you want to be first in line for some help then leave your details. We’ll be in touch to chat through if and how we can help and give you a start date. If you want to take the end of this year by storm and start 2021 with a bang then get in touch.


We’re also still open for general advice and chit chats so if you want to have a coffee over Zoom then book in a call, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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