Website landing pages are designed to increase the chance of a visitor to your page turning into a paying customer.

When a potential patient visits your site, whether that’s from an email link, a Google Ad or organically through search, we want to, as quickly as possible, drive them into the booking process.

We want the landing page to give every patient whatever they need to book an appointment within 30 seconds.

But why does this matter?

It’s actually incredibly important when running any kind of marketing campaign but even for organic traffic we want to make sure we get the most out of every person that visits the website! Here’s an example:

To explain, that’s 142 clicks onto a landing page, 10 direct patient bookings and 10 phone calls. If we put that into real numbers, that’s 10 new patients worth £600 (or £1800 if they return three times) plus 10 enquiries which will most likely turn into at least 5 new patients. Do you get those results from your current site and landing pages?

So…What should your page have?

  1. Description of the service (Make sure it relates to the source of the visit!
  2. The benefits/results
  3. The price
  4. A testimonial
  5. A clear way of booking an appointment.

DO NOT make it too clinical. Normal people do not understand what Spondylolisthesis is!! (We can barely spell it and we’re in the industry)

A few other key things to note:

  1. Make sure you have a nice headline, make it punchy, short but sweet. Here’s a nice example
  2. Don’t link to lots of other places, you don’t want to distract the patient from booking
  3. Use real images of your clinic to make the page visually appealing: 
  4. Use a personal touch, Give them the option to WhatsApp you or have a chat over the phone free of charge, for example: 
  5. Make sure your booking system is easy to use. We’ll go into this on another post but as we all know, there’s nothing worse than having to spend 15 minutes trying to buy something from a website!

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We're a bit busy!

We get really busy! As such we sometimes have to close to new clients for short periods of time. Since opening back up in March this year, we've had over 50 clinics join us so it's that time again where we have to put a waiting list in place. We hate not being able to take on new clients straight away but we always want to give our best to our existing customers and we can't do that if we're running around like headless chickens!

However, fear not! It won't be long until we're open again. If you'd like to get started with us or have any questions then please schedule a call or send us a message and we can talk through your needs and set a start date ASAP.