This article could have been titled “stop getting ripped off” because that’s what we see with 99% of the clinics that come to us.

We’ve been doing SEO for physiotherapists, osteopaths chiropractors and other therapists for years..

And we’ve seen that local SEO services mainly fall into three categories: 

  1. The ones that come with very affordable plans
  2. Those that charge a somewhat competitive price (£500/mo-ish)
  3. And the really exorbitant ones (charging several thousands a year!)

There’s no industry standard on how SEO services should be priced — so that should explain the “range.”

But: This lack of standard also, unfortunately, causes a lot of clinics to spend far more than what they need to on their SEO strategy. 

We can almost hear you say: “You get what you pay for, right?”

Well yes but what are you really paying for when you’re getting SEO done for your local clinic?

Well, many SEO service providers won’t want you to know this… 

BUT you’re ONLY paying for… 

SEO-ing for a one-mile radius

As a local business, all of your leads lie within a mile’s radius (or maybe two). As long as you are visible in searches to them, you’re doing just fine. 

So just “how much SEO” do you need for this?

Mostly, you need:

  • A search-friendly website with full on-page SEO 
  • Solid search-friendly copy 
  • Search visibility for local and hyper-local keywords like, say, “therapist near me” 
  • Search visibility for branded terms
  • A good web analytics setup
  • Optimized Google My Business and other local listing profiles
  • A positive online reputation

Now let’s take a look at what you probably don’t need. In most cases, you don’t need high-level SEO plans: 

  • Targeting X keywords
  • Targeting XX backlinks
  • Targeting XXX website visitors

And all the other shiny stuff from the “local SEO package.”

As a local business, most of this isn’t worth your money. 

And you should pay only for what you need… because 500 monthly visitors from your area looking for your services will translate to business much better than 50k people broad search terms bring. Because whatever are they going to do? Read your content and leave?! 

If you’re looking for a local SEO service that can help you get found online by your target market, get in touch!

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